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Arena Opponent seeks Markham Ward 4 seat
The Globe and Mail 12/05/2013 – Markham squashes deal with Roustan but arena dream lives on
The National Post 12/05/2013 – Markham Arena Project nearly dead as lack of support from NHL proves to be too big a hurdle
The Toronto Star 12/05/2013 – Markham backs out of arena partnership deal
York Region News 12/04/2013 – Your voices from the NHL arena debate
York Region News 12/04/2013 – Roustan’s critics get warning
York Region News 12/04/2013 – Markham votes steer NHL style arena toward private funding
York Region News 12/03/2013 – NHL arena meeting goes into OT: 3rd night planned

The Globe and Mail 12/03/2013 – Markham arena awashed in financial confusion
The Toronto Star 12/03/2013 – Markham arena up for council vote
The National Post 12/03/2013 – Markham Arena Project: A closer look at the plan that’s still $325M and one NHL Team short

Markham arena promoter warns critics

Taxpayers won’t have to pay for Markham arena construction, proponents say

Markham arena fight escalates as city council vote looms

Markham councilors in dark as secrecy shrouds prolonged talks on
proposed arena project

Markham’s plan for NHL- ready arena live on, for now  

Markham city council backs financing plan or NHL-size arena

Markham arena to proceed with plan for public funding

Markham councils opposition to NHL ready arena plans influenced by activists:promoter

Markhams power play:Will plans to build a 325million arena boost or
burden the city?

Mixed views fill open house for proposed NHL ready arena in Markham